Friday, October 2, 2009

What's Happening

It seems I haven't had much to write about lately, life just seems to be going on. We are getting back into the routine of school. I am enjoying not having to take or pick up anyone this year now that they are all in the same school and Kelsey drives. I'm kind of missing art class this term. I decided to wait until Winter Term to start because I am going to miss two weeks and I would have gotten too far behind.

I'm taking the three girls on a trip next week. Wednesday, 10/7 we are flying to Las Vegas, renting a car and driving to my friend Teal's house to stay with her and her family for a couple of days. While we're there I am hoping to pop over to my friend Nancy's for lunch one day. I'm looking forward to just relaxing, swimming in the pool and talking! On Saturday, 10/10 we are driving back to Vegas where we are staying until Tuesday, 10/13. The hotel we are staying in has an equestrian arena where they are having horse events while we are there, there is also a bowling alley and a movie theater. I am also hoping to take the girls to see the dam and maybe go on a hike or two. Tuesday morning the girls are flying home where they will be picked up at the airport by my mother and I am flying to El Paso to visit Brittany, Nick and Holden for a week. The girls are only missing three days of school so it seemed like a good time to get away. It also breaks up the time before Kelly's leave in December.

I worry about Kelly. I know he doesn't get enough sleep. The job that he has keeps him working seven days a week. The other day he told me that he got to bed at 11, someone woke him up at 12 needing stuff (linen, etc.) to set up their room, again at 3 he was woken up with people needing rooms and then had to get up at 5. I know it can't be good for him to function on so little sleep. He is 50! Anyway, I just keep counting the days til he comes home and life can go back to "normal". 7 more months!

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