Sunday, January 23, 2011

New Year, New Name!

I've been thinking about changing the name of my blog for a while. While "Partly Sunny with a Chance of Showers" describes my usual mood and is pretty accurate for the PacNW, I acutally find the name a little depressing. So, after thinking about it and thinking about what a good description would be for our lives, I came up with a new name....Chapters of Our Life. I like it, it feels right and it accurately describes how I feel about our lives, we're going through chapters. We've been through the "Newly Married" chapter, the "Babies, babies and more babies" chapter, we've had the "Working mom" chapter, the "Husband/Dad deployed chapter (twice), the "I have an adult child" chapter (three times), the "My baby is married" chapter, the "I'm a grandparent" chapter, and right now we're working on the "In a couple of years my children will all be grown" chapter. So, that's where the new name came from and I'm looking forward to all the new chapters that will be written!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


December is always, always a busy but fun month!

We started off the month celebrating Lindsay's 26th birthday with a trip to the casino buffet where we ate too much yummy food and then went out on the casino floor and played a few rounds on the slot machines. Kelly and I and the girls and my mom went. When we got there my brother-in-law, his wife and my husband's parents were there celebrating my b-i-l's birthday. Kind of wierd. The next day was Lindsay's actual birthday and Kelsey made her a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cake.;

The next weekend Kelly's Guard unit had a formal, adults only, Christmas dinner at the Tiffany Center in downtown Portland. It was a really pretty place but the dinner was SO boring. There was no entertainment unless you count the 1/2 hour video of pictures from the deployment to Iraq (10 min would have been sufficient!);

Kelsey and a big group of her friends went to Winter Formal. They had two Hummer limos and went to dinner at the Macaroni Grill;

We went and got our Christmas tree. We went to a place we hadn't got to before. You pick out your tree and they cut it for you. We got a 7ft Noble for $15.00! One of the many reasons I love living here!!;

Kelsey had two Christmas (oh, excuse me..."Holiday") concerts at school;

The next weekend Kelly took Friday off and he and I went to Portland and stayed two nights at the Ambassador Hotel. We had a great time walking around downtown, Pioneer Courthouse Square, Saturday Market, having dinner at the Melting Pot and just enjoying the Christmas atmosphere;

The next week Kelly took Wednesday off and we took the girls to Portland to do a lot of the same things. We went to PQS, Saturday Market, ate lunch at the food carts, got Voodoo donuts, went to the Vietnam Veteran's Memorial at Washington Park and went to zoo lights. I've wanted to take the kids to zoo lights for years. It was crazy!! We got in quickly because we have a membership and immediately got in line for the train. We were on the third train (each one holds about 100 people) and when we got off, the line was HUGE! We got hot chocolate and walked around, looking at the lights;

On the 23rd we went to my sister's for what we call "Christmas eve eve". It's a time for our immediate family (my parents and sisters and our families) to have our own time. We do it then so that we can have Christmas eve to just do our own things. We had a great time eating and visiting;

Christmas eve we went to the Voyage of the Dawn Treader movie. We've gone to all the Narnia movies at Christmas time and our church centered the sermons around the movie this year;

Christmas day we went to my other sister's house where we again, ate too much and enjoyed seeing family;

The last week of the year we didn't do much of anything, just hung around home. New Year's eve we made lots of snack food and stayed home to celebrate. I was super tired and went to bed right after midnight and woke up at 3:30am to my hubby coming in to bed. He and the girls had finally finished their Star Wars movie marathon (they watched all of the first three movies)! And, just like that, another year is done!