Saturday, December 27, 2008

My kids redeemed themselves

So, I was complaining about my "ungrateful" children a few days ago. This has been an unbelievable week. Last Thursday the girls (Kelsey, Chloey and Shelby) and I drove the oldest, Lindsay, to the train station in Portland. We had already had some snow but most of it had melted and the roads were just wet. We got her off on the train to Seattle where she was visiting friends for the weekend and headed home. We ran into some snow on the way home but it really hit when we got to Newberg. By the time we were coming out of Lafayette the roads were icy and we fishtailed coming up the hill towards McMinnville. We got home safely and that night it snowed a few inches. The girls (K,C & S) went to stay at my sister, Julie's with their cousins for a couple of nights. Friday night and all day Saturday it snowed, like feet of snow! On Sunday, Lindsay was supposed to come home from Seattle and the train was cancelled. We got the girls from my sister's and waited for updates from Lindsay. Monday her train was cancelled again and they booked her on a train coming in on Wednesday, Christmas Eve. Our family has a tradition of celebrating on Christmas Eve,Eve (or the night before, the night before Christmas). Lindsay was finally able to get a ticket to come home on Tuesday at about noon. We were having Christmas E,E at our house with baking and cleaning, etc needing to be done. Kelly and I left to pick up Lindsay and the three (K,C&S) stayed home to get everything ready. Forward to 5 hours later,(an hour before everyone was showing up),we finally got home from Portland (normally an hour one way) and they had finished all the baking, cleaned the kitchen, washed the dishes and had everything set out for the party. They never cease to amaze me! They really came through for me when I needed them and isn't that what family is supposed to do? I love my kids, they're awesome!!

Christmas lights under the snow

Lindsay's Jeep buried in the snow

Kids decorating gingerbread houses at the party

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

She's the only one that lets me take her picture

Teenagers are annoying (ok, so are older kids)!

So, I go to the store, make a special effort and spend money that I shouldn't have to get my three youngest (16,13 and 13) new snow boots and coats. We are having a lot of snow (for us) and their boots were all too small and I haven't bought them real winter coats for years. Everytime I did they wouldn't wear them and I finally gave up. So anyway, I bring home all the stuff and they are all excited. Forward to now, two days later. Kelsey (16) is wearing her new coat and boots and is thrilled. Shelby (13) is wearing her coat but decided that she doesn't really like the boots and prefers to wear a pair of fabric tennis shoes and Chloey (13) hasn't even taken the tags off of either the boots or the coat but assures me she wants them and then proceeds to wear fabric tennis shoes and a hoodie outside to play in the snow. Arrg!!! Well, at least the boots that Shelby doesn't want will fit me. Sometimes I wonder why I bother! Good thing that I love them.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Snow Day and Nick Returns From Iraq

Ok, I'm trying to commit to this blogging thing this time. Today has been a crazy day (hence the name of my blog). The weather people have been warning of an "Arctic Blast" such as we haven't seen in years. We were supposed to have up to 4" by this morning but woke to nothing. But, this afternoon it hit! Kelly's work called and cancelled for tomorrow and much to the girls' delight school was just cancelled. So, the 5 of us will be home tomorrow hanging out and playing in the snow.
The other news of the day (and most important) is that Nick is finally home from Iraq! He arrived in Missouri this afternoon to a very happy (and very pregnant) wife. I can't wait to go see them in January and meet my grandson!