Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Teenagers are annoying (ok, so are older kids)!

So, I go to the store, make a special effort and spend money that I shouldn't have to get my three youngest (16,13 and 13) new snow boots and coats. We are having a lot of snow (for us) and their boots were all too small and I haven't bought them real winter coats for years. Everytime I did they wouldn't wear them and I finally gave up. So anyway, I bring home all the stuff and they are all excited. Forward to now, two days later. Kelsey (16) is wearing her new coat and boots and is thrilled. Shelby (13) is wearing her coat but decided that she doesn't really like the boots and prefers to wear a pair of fabric tennis shoes and Chloey (13) hasn't even taken the tags off of either the boots or the coat but assures me she wants them and then proceeds to wear fabric tennis shoes and a hoodie outside to play in the snow. Arrg!!! Well, at least the boots that Shelby doesn't want will fit me. Sometimes I wonder why I bother! Good thing that I love them.

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