Thursday, October 28, 2010

Super September

September is all about getting into the new routine. I dread school starting at first because I hate giving up the relaxed, easy-going pace of summer. But, once they get back to school I love having my days to myself and being able to get the house clean and have it stay clean (for at least as long as the school day!).

This month we:

Took the boat out on the Friday of Labor Day weekend and took a two hour cruise (an hour each way) from Newberg (where we always put the boat in) to the Oregon City Falls (where you have to either turn around or go through the locks) and back;

celebrated my birthday on Sunday with a barbecue at my parent's and a beautiful cake made by my middle daughter (and future chef) Kelsey;

went to the beach with my girls, my nieces and my mom on the first day of school. Here only the freshman go on the first day and we don't have any of those this year (yay!). We went to the mall, spent time on the beach and ate at Gallucci's (of course);

had another barbecue and birthday party for Kelsey who turned 18 (!) and her only request was that someone other than her make her cake. Shelby did the honors! ;

found out that we are going to have a new grandbaby in May 2011! ;

celebrated our great-nephew's first birthday (well, Kelly and Chloey were the only ones who got to go). Shelby ended up getting sick that morning and then Kelsey had a meeting after work that ran way longer than it was supposed to so the three of us ended up staying home;

other than that, the month was spent going to the doctor, dentist and orthodontist and just getting back into the routine of school.

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