Friday, December 31, 2010


November started with Brittany and Holden returning home to Texas;

10 days later I left to go to Texas to stay for 10 days while Nick was training in another state. We spent the time visiting the PX, playing at the playground, seeing the sights of El Paso, visiting the hospital (for hours!) for Britt's doctor's appointment, and hanging around the house. It was so odd to leave here where it was cold and raining to go there where it was in the 70's most days. I went from wearing sweaters and coats to short sleeves and flip-flops!

Even more odd, when I returned home it was freezing and snowed the next day!;

Kelsey bought her first car, a 1965 Ford Mustang! It needs a little work like a new paint job and some minor repairs but it runs. The biggest issue is that it is a stick shift and Kelsey has to learn to drive it;

We had a nice Thanksgiving at my sister's house here in town. I really like only having to drive across town!

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