Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Babes Have a Birthday

Well, here it is again, my babies' birthday. Ok, so they're not babies, they are 14 today, 14!! 14 years ago I was enormously pregnant, feeling pretty miserable and wondering how I was going to handle two babies, a very busy 2 year old and two kids in school. I told Kelly that he should just take me straight from the hospital to the mental hospital and leave me there! Forward to now, those babies who weighed 7 lb 3 oz and 7 lb are beautiful, tall, 8th grade girls who spend their time reading Twilight, lots of time on the computer watching videos with the music blaring, facebooking with their friends and hours in the bathroom straightening their hair and putting on makeup. They have always been best buddies. As babies they would hold hands through the bars of their cribs and they pushed their toddler beds together to be close to each other. Chloey, who is older by three minutes and has always been a little more independent than Shelby and has tried to move out of the room they share twice. So far she has returned twice. They can be mean and fight, but they always make up quickly. It's strange for someone who is a singleton to imagine life as an identical twin. We just assume that when someone sees us that they know who we are but for them normal is having people ask which one they are. How odd to look at a face that looks like your own. Having two babies was not something I would have wished for the 4th time around, but I thank God for allowing me the privilege of being their mother! Happy Birthday Chloey and Shelby, I'm proud of the young women you are becoming!!


a girl in the life said...

i was just thinking the other day when i was talking to them how weird it is that they're so grown up. i hope somewhere inside the insecurities of tween-teendom, they realize how truly gorgeous they are.

i was telling them that the other day too. that i'm really impressed and proud of how smart and beautiful they are.

hopefully they hang on to the positve and don't let the negative drag them down for the next few years.

Marinewife1111 said...

Wow, 7.3 and 7 lbs for twins!!
When my mom had twins they were 7.1and 6.5 lbs and I thought that was abnormal!!
I'll have to let her know she wasnt the only one to have to experience that! ;)