Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day

I just wanted to write a little something about the dads in my life.

My dad is a great dad. He knows how to do almost everything. He is truly a "jack of all trades". I think that he has become a better father since becoming a grandfather. When we were growing up I think he was so focused on making a living and all the stuff he had to do that he didn't really take the time to appreciate the family that he had. He definately enjoys being a grandfather and now a great-grandfather!

My hubby is the greatest dad. He is very involved with the girls and loves spending time with them and teaching them stuff. He has always been very "hands on". He was always there getting up with them in the night, feeding them, changing them, entertaining them while I was trying the get things done, etc. When Lindsay and Brittany were little he worked swing shift for a while and would get them ready and take them to the babysitter. He really got into fixing their hair, crimping, braiding, whatever he could come up with. When the twins were newborns he slept with them on the hide-a-bed in the family room for a couple weeks so I could get some sleep. He came from a family of five boys with no sisters and ended up a father to five daughters! I remember when the girls were smaller, people said to me "you are so lucky that your husband is so helpful". Well, if he wasn't, I wouldn't have had five kids! He is the most helpful, unselfish, loving person I know and I couldn't be happier that he chose me and I chose him. Happy Father's Day to my wonderful husband! I love you!!

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a girl in the life said...

i remember daddy crimping my hair. and not just like, a crimped piece here and there ... my whole head would be a crimped wonder!

when we saw those ads for the "fancy" hair doohickey things on tv that would flip your pony tail inside out, he was like, psh. i can do that. and he did. (it might have hurt a little, but beauty is pain, right?)

i remember him cutting my nails and tweezing slivers out of my feet.

(you know what? this will be to long. i'll blog it on my own. :) )