Sunday, August 30, 2009

My Grandson is Here!

Tuesday, August 18, we took Kelsey to the airport to fly to El Paso to visit Brittany, Nick and Holden. On Tuesday, August 25, Kelsey, Brittany and Holden flew from El Paso to Portland to visit for two weeks. They will be here until Wednesday, September 9.

We picked up Chinese on the way home and stopped at my parent's house and had dinner with them so they could see Britt and the baby.

Wednesday we talked to Kelly on the computer, went to Wal-mart and went grocery shopping.

Thursday we all packed into the Suburban and road tripped it to Lincoln City where we met up with my parents, my sister Joanna, three of her kids, my sister Julie and her husband Dennis and their three girls. We hung out at the beach, the kids swam in the pool at the condo that J&D were staying at and had dinner all together (taking up four tables) at Gallucci's. It was foggy and a little cool but everyone had a great time and came home tired and a little sunburned.

Friday and Saturday we stayed home and recuperated and today (Sunday) we went to church and then visited my grandpa (Holden's great-great grandpa) at the nursing home where he is staying right now. So far we've had a busy time and tomorrow we are off to the mall to do back-to-school shopping!

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Kathi said...

Holden is such a gorgeous baby. I hope that I can meet him if they are in El Paso for Thanksgiving :) Yep gonna head to El Paso for Thanksgiving if they are in town - I have to see Brittany - last time I saw her she was 8 and of course I have to meet Holden.