Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My Little Miracle

A week and a half ago on Sunday, I got home from church and went out to work in the yard. I had worn my diamond earrings to church and didn't take them off when I came home (like I usually do). My wonderful, thoughtful and sweet husband had bought me a pair of diamond earrings for Christmas when he came home from Afghanistan. I got done working and came in the house to clean up and when I looked in the mirror, one of them was gone! The back was still stuck to my ear but the earring was no where to be found. The girls came out and helped me look all over but we couldn't find it. Ever since then, I have gone out, praying to God to help me find it, looking when the sun is shining (thinking I might see it sparkle). I have been walking around, looking down, literally praying for a miracle. Today we were getting ready to go to the airport and it was about 10 minutes before we left and I thought I would look again, just for the heck of it. I walked down the grass on the side of the house (which I had just mowed yesterday), praying "God, please help me find the earring, if I found it, it would truly be a miracle". Just as I finished saying that (in my head), I looked down and there it was, lying on it's side in the grass that I had just mowed! So, that is the story of my little miracle that God performed for me today and I can't tell you how thankful I am to Him!

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Marinewife1111 said...

Praise the Lord!! He even cares about the "little" things!!