Sunday, August 30, 2009

Reality Take 2

Well, Kelly has been in Iraq for less than two months and already several convoys have been hit by roadside bombs, explosives, etc. The last one I wrote about was a young guy who lost a leg and was injured pretty badly. This last time (on Friday, 8/28) two soldiers were killed and one injured. The two killed were a 19 year old boy (I say "boy" because, in my opinion a 19 yr old is still a boy) and a 38 year old husband and father of one. It seems so senseless. I don't know which is more tragic, a young kid, just starting out, with his whole life ahead of him or a man who leaves behind a wife and son who have to find a way to live their lives without him. I think they are equally tragic, each in their own way. I have such mixed feelings. On the one hand I am thankful that my husband is safe (or as safe as he can be in Iraq), but also feel guilty for feeling that when other families lose the people that they love. None of it makes much sense to me. I just want this to end so Kelly and every other soldier can come home and no other family has to go through this horrible ordeal. If only.... Eight more months. I wonder how many more of these "reality" posts I will write before then...tragic and sad.

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