Saturday, August 15, 2009


*Warning* this post is not a happy, uplifting one!

Yesterday, (Fri) when I talked to Kelly he told me that he wasn't able to call the day before because there had been a "blackout". When an incident occurs (either someone is wounded or killed) the internet and phones are blocked so no one can get information out before the family has been notified. He told me very basic details about a roadside bomb that hit a convoy from their base. A young (22) Spec 4 had lost a leg in the attack. It was someone that Kelly knew and had introduced me to when I was in Georgia. Sadly, I can't say that I specifically remember him though because he did introduce me to a lot of people. The story about him was on the front page of the Oregonian today telling the details of what happened. He lost a leg, the toes on his other foot and a finger. I knew basically what had happened, but when I saw it in the paper it really made me feel like throwing up. While Kelly was in Afghanistan a guy he knew was killed in an ambush at a checkpoint so I know in my head the realities of what can happen and does happen but this just made it so much more real. I also keep thinking about him only being 22. I guess that can be good and bad. Good in that he is young and healthy and will probably adapt quickly to a prosthetic. Bad in that he is young and healthy and his life is forever changed. I also worry for the other young soldiers. The ones who were with him on the convoy and the ones who just knew him. It's hard enough to deal with when you are older, more mature and experienced but so many of them are SO young. Needless to say, he, his family and all his fellow soldiers will be constantly in my thoughts and prayers for a long while.

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