Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Gratitude - Day 2

Today I am grateful for my husband's job. I was reading the prayer list from church for this week and was struck by how many people have prayer requests centered around job issues. I think we have been very blessed in the area of jobs. Since we got married (26+ years ago!) there have been only two times that Kelly has not had a job. When Brittany was born (almost 22 years ago!) he was out of work for about 6 weeks, he received unemployment and then was hired at the bakery where he worked for 11 years. Then when the bakery closed he was out of work for about three months and received a severance. Then, when we were getting concerned about the lack of "family wage" jobs he was told about the job he now has. He was hired by the Dept of Defense and works as a desiel mechanic. He started out making several dollars more an hour than the job he previously had! The commute is kind of sucky but it's a small price to pay for a great job. The hours are great, the benefits are great and in just 10 short years he will retire with a government pension. God has provided greatly for us and I feel blessed...and grateful!

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Marinewife1111 said...

Great focus!
Especially with the economy being so bad the last couple years, I too have thanked God so many times that we have be taken care of and so blessed the last few years!